Main Project

  Public Building

“12th-five” target at Energy-saving "that is, strive to decrease the consumption of public buildings per unit area by 10%, to reduce energy consumption by 15% for large public buildings." SCAC energy-saving stands from the perspective of saving electricity and protecting the environment, has developed a low-cost, energy-efficient solutions, according to our country's public building materials and energy consumption characteristics.

1.Energy-saving Rate More than 20% reduce after reconstruction.

2.Related technology 

Central air-conditioning energy-saving workstations, refrigerant side technology, ice storage technology, heat pump system, lighting workstation system, high-efficiency electronic ballasts, efficient lighting systems, high efficiency lighting based on metal halide lamps, LED lamps, - Light hydrocarbon, constant pressure water supply system, unpowered sewage treatment technology, negative pressure water supply technology, elevator energy feedback device, dual-wavelength nano-plasma air disinfection and purification device, public place disinfection and purification public media machine, ammonia refrigeration optimization technology, natural light illumination , Scenery is complementary, energy monitoring and management platform.


State Administration - Energy-saving emission reduction projects