around 1925--1935, its original English name is HollyHeath. It is a residential group built by American Puyi Real Estate Company. It has attracted numerous domestic and overseas celebrities and politicians to live here, including Soong May-ling, Chen Xiangmei and Claire Lee Chennault (the former captain of US Army Air Force), Yan Bolin ( the owner of Darlie Toothpaste Factory), Yu Kailing (the founder of Xinfeng Matheson), Ni Baochun and Wang Shuzhen ( both as Chinese famous physicians), and so on. There are 10 old houses that have been carefully preserved, with every brick and flower containing countless legends.

After years of careful design and construction, it has successfully balanced the relationship between protection and development. The panorama shows the noble demeanor of those years. In order not to destroy the original style, we have retained a large area of wetland ecological landscape and 10 old villas. Meanwhile, we have built another four high-rise apartment buildings on the basis of the green rateup to 60%. Overall, it has become a top residence, new buildings being in harmony with the old ones.

Meihua Garden is located in the golden intersection of three top commercial areas, Hongqiao CBD, Gubei International community and Xujiahui district. To this extent, it has priceless nature. Whether families of nobles or Grandee, they are likely to share the same piece of green lawn with you. This noble and private residence will be shared among Celebrities, Ambassadors and families like yours.